Data Center Services

Data center equipment is fragile and expensive. Atex SPH specializes in relocation of all types of server equipment, racks, UPS’ and medical equipment. Atex SPH team is highly skilled and experienced. On-site supervision is always present for dangerous or challenging deliveries.


Atex SPH operates an in-house fleet of recent model vehicles. Our trucks are equipped with air-suspension and extended hydraulic tail lifts. All vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art satellite tracking devices and constantly monitored from our head office-based control center. Each delivery is individually tracked in real time.

Medical Equipment

True to our motto of ‘IF IT IS HEAVY, FRAGILE OR EXPENSIVE WE MOVE IT” Atex SPH is very involved in the transportation and relocation of medical equipment. We handle anything from small blood dialysis machines to large cat scanners, x-ray machines and microscopes valued up to millions of rand.


Delivery of safes to easily accessible sites are no real challenge. It does however become seriously important to place a high emphasis on safety and professionalism when heavy safes need to be delivered to dangerous sites.


Telecoms refer to specialized telecommunications equipment handled by Atex SPH. This will typically include server room related equipment that is, in most cases, tall racks with switch gear and connection points typically used in cellphone tower containers.


The Atex SPH rigging team is skilled and equipped to remove and place equipment in virtually any kind of environment. We hoist heavy populated server racks in and out of basements or from the side of buildings, should there be no other access routes.

Depending on the delivery site, the necessary lifting equipment like mobile cranes, three-stage forklifts, chain blocks and slings are used to ensure smooth and easy movement of sensitive, heavy equipment.